Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Performances are Friday, January 6 at 8:00pm, and Friday, January 20 at 10:30pm.

Where is your Vitamin D?! It’s Seattle, and it’s January, so you’re not getting it from the sun. Let us spoon-feed you rich, buttery Vitamin D goodness in the form of improv.

And we know that you just spent a ton of money on the holidays. We know. We did, too. So, for you, these two shows are pay-what-you-can. And because our host, Rik Deskin, has asked for donations to Odd Duck to retire its debt, all of the proceeds will go directly to Odd Duck. If you’re broke, pay a teeny weeny. If you haven’t spent the big check from Grandma yet, consider paying maybe a little more than you normally would to help out a beloved improv institution. Either way, you feel good, you laugh, the endorphin flows. Just like Vitamin D.

So who’s providing this jolt of Vitamin D? Interrobang Improv and Worst Case Scenario, that’s who. If you haven’t seen Interrobang recently, you haven’t seen Interrobang. And Worst Case Scenario is almost brand spanking new to Seattle (previously being part of Milwaukee ComedySportz), so you probably haven’t seen them at all. And you should. Oh, yes, you should.

You’ll feel so sunny, you’ll practically have a tan.