Script Tease


“Script Tease™” was originally created by Toronto’s National Theatre of the World.

In November 2013, Domeka Parker brought “Script Tease” to the Brody Theater in Portland. In June 2014, she workshopped the format with Interrobang?! Improv in Seattle. In November 2014, Interrobang brought it to The Pocket Theater for its Seattle premiere. Award-winning playwright Jennifer Jasper provided the script. Catherine Blake Smith curated the scripts. Britney Barber, Becky Bartlein, Dave Clapper, Derek Kavan, and Phoebe Richards were the cast. Anthony Van Winkle was the technical director. Since then, Interrobang has opened up the process to artists throughout the Seattle theater community.


Co-producer: Unexpected Productions
Production team: Dave Clapper (Interrobang?! Improv), Randy Dixon (Unexpected Productions), Catherine Blake Smith (Annex Theatre)
Tech Director: Mario Gomez
July 1-2
Playwright: Benjamin Benne
Director: Catherine Blake Smith
Actors: Tony Beeman, David Bestock, Ashley Flannegan, Jana Hutchison, James Katica, Elicia Wickstead
July 8-9
Playwright: Scotto Moore
Director: Dave Clapper
Actors: Adrienne Corcoran, Kate Drummond, Chazz Kaskes, Lauren Skelton, Bryan Sullivan, Tim Tracey
July 15-16
Playwright: Maggie Lee
Director: Kate Jaeger
Actors: Troy Mink, Jordi Montes, Josh Padilla, Phoebe Richards, Laurel Ryan, Douglas Willott


Co-producers: Theater Schmeater and The 14/48 Projects
Production team: Megan Ahiers (The 14/48 Projects), Dave Clapper (Interrobang?! Improv), Julia Griffin (Theater Schmeater), Catherine Blake Smith (Annex Theatre)
Tech Director: Anthony Van Winkle
June 12
Playwright: Jennifer Jasper
Director: Derek Kavan
Actors: Becky Bartlein, Joel Dale, Ashley Flannegan, Alan Hawkins, Tracy Leigh, Josh Padilla
June 13
Playwright: Keiko Green
Director: Douglas Willott
Actors: Kate Drummond, Cole Hornaday, Pattie Miles, Laurel Ryan, Alex Samuels, John Wachter
June 19
Playwright: Scot Augustson
Director: Paul Budraitis
Actors: Alyson Scadron Branner, Daniel Christensen, Nick Edwards, Phoebe Richards, Kinzie Shaw, Graham Tordoff
June 20
Playwright: Kelleen Conway Blanchard
Director: Jose Amador
Actors: James Katica, Pearl Klein, Joe Koenen, Shane Regan, Shawnmarie Stanton, Jessica Stepka

More Information

More information about the first Portland production is in The Oregonian.

Video of Interrobang’s first production can be found on Vimeo. (The start of the video is in fast-motion to skip past the actors reading silently.)