Interrobang?! Improv is seeking artists for future productions of “Script Tease”

Interrobang?! Improv is interested in working with playwrights, directors, and actors (whether those with more scripted or improvisational experience) for future productions of “Script Tease.”movie The Fate of the Furious streaming

“Script Tease” was originally created by Domeka Parker for production at Portland’s Brody Theater. More information about that production can be found at

In “Script Tease,” the actors are given the first six pages of a new play on stage, and assigned their roles. The actors are given the opportunity to silently read those six pages, and then immediately perform a staged reading. At the end of the six pages, the actors set the scripts aside, and then, using improvisation, perform the rest of the play.

For the first Seattle production, the actors are the members of Interrobang (Britney Barber, Becky Bartlein, Dave Clapper, Derek Kavan, and Phoebe Richards); the playwright is Jennifer Jasper; and the script curator is Catherine Blake Smith.

For future productions, Interrobang would like to cast performers with more of a mix of scripted and improvisational backgrounds. The rehearsal process will consist of both a workshop to teach the format and two rehearsals to work directly with the playwright (using scripts other than the one that would be used for the performance).

Actors and directors interested in being part of future productions should email their resumes to Dave Clapper at

Interested playwrights should email their resumes to Script Curator Catherine Blake Smith at

Interested artists of all stripes ideally should attend the first performance on Thursday, November 13 at 8:00 PM at The Pocket Theater. Tickets available at

Future productions will depend on level of interest, both in terms of artists who wish to participate and in size of audience.

We’d love to play with you. Thanks for your interest.

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