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Interrobang Improv

One night, three hot improv groups! Your only chance* to see The She-Spot, Interrobang?! and Drop the Root Beer and Run all at once.

$10 tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, or via phone order at 206-679-3271.

The SheSpot is a two-woman improv team, made up of Laura Turner and Lauren Skelton. The SheSpot hatched out of a crazy plan and a lot of big talk that accidentally became real. The only thing we promise is to be more awkward than you…on stage and streaming film Brommers Kiek’n

Interrobang?! Improv is a Seattle-based improvisational group that creates original long-form shows, whether narrative or free-form. Our latest show is completely free-form improv that tends to hew closely to one or two themes either tangentially or directly related to an audience suggestion. Shows are typically only appropriate for adult audiences and are often very dark. Current members are Becky Bartlein, Jillian Boshart, Chris Bryhan, Dave Clapper, Kai Curtis, Randy Miller, Jim Reardon, Phoebe Richards, Bryan Sullivan, and Shira Wilson. Tonight’s performance will feature Jillian, Chris, Randy, Jim, and Bryan.

Drop the Root Beer and Run, Seattle’s thirstiest and stickiest comedy troupe, was founded in the winter of 2011 by Generation Friends alumni Corbin Smith and Matt Hatfield in grand ol’ Olympia, Washington. Specializing mostly in long form improvisation, DTRBAR has since relocated to Seattle and expanded to doing the occasional sketch comedy. You can see them every Friday night at 10:30 begining August 5th at the Odd Duck Studio (1214 10th Ave Seattle, WA).

* – on September 16th, 2011.