A brief history of Interrobang?! Improv


Dave, Natasha, and Shira at the first rehearsal of "Interrobang Anonymous"
Dave, Natasha, and Shira at the first rehearsal of “Interrobang Anonymous”
In late 2009, Randy and Dave started talking about forming their own long-form improv group. In early 2010, they invited Shira (with whom Dave had worked) and Kai (with whom Randy had worked) to join the group, and shorty thereafter invited Natasha (who had just completed a run with Kai). Interrobang?! Improv was officially born in March. The first show was “Interrobang Anonymous,” which played at the Seattle Center House in July. After the production ended, each of the members became busy with other productions, and the group didn’t work together again until early 2011.


2011 was a busy year for Interrobang, beginning with a re-mount of “Interrobang Anonmyous” for the Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater. Shortly after SFIT, Natasha became an alumna of the group. Performances throughout the year were open format at Eclectic Theater and as part of the Last Call lineup at Jet City Improv.

Chris and Jim were added to the lineup shortly after SFIT, and Becky, Jillian, Phoebe, and Bryan were added to the group after auditions in late July.

Shira moved to Chicago in the autumn, but Interrobang powered on with numerous shows at Eclectic, with several guest acts, including Carskee, The Mistle-Tones, Being Humans, Royal Friend Society, The SheSpot, Puppet This, Improsia, Super Mega Art Show, and Drop the Root Beer and Run.


Bryan, Becky, Jillian, Phoebe, Randy, Kai, and Dave (clockwise from upper left)
Bryan, Becky, Jillian, Phoebe, Randy, Kai, and Dave (clockwise from upper left)
Jim moved to New York in January, but Interrobang continued its busy schedule from late 2011, performing several shows at the Eclectic Theater with a variety of guest acts, including Girls With Power Tools and Worst Case Scenario.

In February, Interrobang returned to the Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater, and was part of the closing night lineup, along with Joe Bill, Pimprov, and Carskee.

After Randy and Jillian became alumni, the group created its next formatted show, “Eight,” directed by Joel Dale. “Eight” played at the Seattle Center House in June.

Shortly after, Becky earned a Fulbright Scholarship that took her to the Ivory Coast for nearly a year, Bryan toured the original show “The Celtic Cross” with Wanderweg Productions, Kai became an alumnus, and Dave and Phoebe helped launch ComedySportz Seattle.


After Becky and Bryan returned, Interrobang added Britney and Derek to the group late in the year, and rehearsals began anew, to prepare for re-launch in 2014.


Phoebe, Bryan, Britney, and Derek in "________"
Phoebe, Bryan, Britney, and Derek in “________”
Interrobang became one of the flagship acts of the new Pocket Theater, creating a brand new format every month which would then be performed for one night only. The first performance was “A Bang and a Smoke,” a co-production with the literary magazine SmokeLong Quarterly in February at Atlas Space. “________” followed in March at Seattle Creative Arts Center, “Post-Bang” in April at The Rendez-Vous, and “Party of Four” in May at Seattle Creative Arts Center. Interrobang teamed up with sketch group Drop the Root Beer and Run and special guest Stephanie Wichmann for “Something Sketchy” in June, and then in July played with special guest Graham Downing in “The Experiment,” both at Ballard Underground.

In August, Interrobang moved into its permanent home as The Pocket Theater officially opens its doors at 8312 Greenwood Avenue North. Interrobang presented a new format on the second Thursday of every month starting August 14, including “Nuke It!” with Stephani Thompson in August, “Fin” with Laurel Ryan in September, “The Interrobang Appointment of Timothy Gager with novelist Timothy Gager in October, “Script Tease” with playwright Jennifer Jasper and script curator Catherine Blake Smith in November, and “Visiting Hour” with guest Kinzie Shaw in December.


At the beginning of 2015, Interrobang held auditions in anticipation of a busy year. James, Josh, and Kate were added to the ensemble. We’re looking forward to further partnerships with playwrights, directors, improvisers, choreographers, and designers. We’ll be partnering with a group from Portland and a literacy organization in Seattle, performing at Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, at The Pocket, and in a boxing ring. And that’s just what we know of so far.