Britney Barber

Britney Barber originally spawned from Philly and has been doing different forms of improv with different people in different cities since 2001. Her life box holds a degree in Communication, obscure sketches on the interweb, oodles of traditional theatre, and other vague accomplishments. She is currently a drama teacher, performs at Jet City Improv, and is stoked to get weird with Interrobang. Oh, and her wife is hot.

Becky Bartlein

Becky Bartlein first improvised as part of the ComedySportz High School League in Milwaukee, WI. In college, she was a founding member of the all-female troupe Capitol GOGA in D.C. After a 4-year hiatus spent travelling the world and making words up in other languages, Becky moved to Seattle, where she reconnected with her love of improv while pursuing a career in global health. In addition to getting silly with these ‘bangers, she can also be seen performing with the Temporary People, as the indefatigable Ms. Davenport.

Dave Clapper

Dave Clapper was one of the founders of ComedySportz Seattle, and is the Artistic Director of Interrobang. He has performed in numerous shows with Jet City Improv and Unexpected Productions, in the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, and with various independent groups. Additionally, he’s been a frequent performer in 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival. His first professional improv gig was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1986, and he’s since been seen on stages in Chicago, Seattle, Indianapolis, Honolulu, and Austin.

Kate Drummond

Kate Drummond is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where she performed in, directed, and did dramaturgical work for numerous productions. At WashU, Kate was the president of K.A.R.L. Improv, and co-producer of K.A.R.L.’s PANDAmonium Improv Festival. In Seattle, she is in the cast of Jet City Improv’s “Claim of Thrones” and is a Teaching Apprentice at Seattle Children’s Theater.

James Katica

James Katica has trained in Chicago with ImprovOlympic and The Annoyance Theatre, and in Seattle with Unexpected Productions. From 2010-2012, he was an ensemble member with Quiet Monkey Fight.

Derek Kavan

Derek Kavan was the Education Coordinator at Unexpected Productions, as well as an ensemble member since February 2005. Before UP, Derek was involved in various performance art pieces, most notably, Lucha Libre, a public wrestling party with his character Gigachomp.

Josh Padilla

Josh Padilla moved to Seattle in September of 2014 from New Mexico and received his BA in theatre arts from New Mexico State University. Josh found a passion for new works, commedia del’arte, and especially improv while at NMSU and even headed/taught an improv troupe during his senior year. This is Josh’s first work since moving out here and he is incredibly excited to work in such a creative and freeing environment.

Phoebe Richards

Phoebe Richards discovered her love of Improv while living in Olympia when she joined the group, Improv Robot. For three years she performed and developed awesome shows with them while attending Evergreen State College for Film and Theater. Now back in Seattle, Phoebe is a member of TWISTED FLICKS at Wing-it Productions. She performed in “Clues” and “Men of Action,” also with Wing-it Productions. Phoebe is currently reprising her role as The Dutchess of Destruction for the late night improv show “Funbucket.” Phoebe enjoys doing scripted theater as well: last year she appeared in “The Skriker,” “A Midsummer’s Nightmare Before Christmas on Elm Street,” and “Fred Nietzschie, P.I.” with Ghost Light Theatricals. Phoebe is the Assistant Director of Night Zero, an online photographic comic book about the zombie apocalypse. Check it out at

Jillian Boshart

Jillian Boshart considers herself to be an amalgam of her time spent in Spokane, Utah and Seattle. One part small town gal, one part obedient and naive, and one part rainy liberal who feels really guilty about using two paper towels. Like most major events in her life it was a happy accident that got Jillian improvising–playing short-form games in the backyard with babysitters and other scrappy neighborhood kids. Precocious! Many years later she went on to obtain a bachelors degree in musical theatre from Weber State University. While at school she became one of the founding members of GAF, an all female sketch and improv ensemble. Since moving to Seattle Jillian has spent much of her time performing on Seattle stages, and was most recently seen in Wing-It Productions Goin’ Steady. Favorite scripted roles have included Leanne in Cannibal: The Musical, Cathy in The Last Five Years, Sarah Jane Moore in Assassins, and Abby in Musical of Musicals: The Musical! She is beyond excited to be playing and growing with Interrobang?! Thank you for supporting independent improv.

Chris Bryhan

Chris Bryhan unknowingly started his improv interest while performing theater in a rural Wisconsin high school. While his teachers often didn’t enjoy the spontaneous fictional monologues he would be compelled to perform, he found a community of people in Seattle decades later who would nurture this interest. He started taking improv classes with Wing-It in 2010 and has appeared in Wing-It’s hit Goin’ Steady, as well as in their short form performance series. He has been performing in Interrobang’s open-form shows since joining the group in 2011. He is a Marquette University graduate and works as a Physical Therapist.

Kai Curtis

Kai Curtis first dipped his toes in the balmy waters of improvisation as a student at Hampshire College in the late ’90s. After a ten year hiatus, Kai rediscovered his love for the make ’em ups in 2009 through the Jet City Improv Seattle’s Most Extreme Karaoke Performance, and he hasn’t looked back since. Kai has performed in a wide variety of improvised shows around Seattle, including Jet City Improv, Unspeakable Horrors, and Goin’ Steady (Wing-It Productions); Five Thieves (Douglas Willott); Breaking News (Kai Curtis and Randy Miller); and, of course, Interrobang?! Improv’s very own Interrobang Anonymous and open-format shows. Kai is continually grateful for the support of his wife, Denise, and for the opportunity to play with his committed and talented cast mates, who never fail to surprise him with their redefinition of the scope and power of good improv.

For more information on Kai’s acting chops, visit

Randy Miller

Randy Miller is a founding member of Interrobang?! Improv, and has previously appeared in Clues and Inferno at Wing-It, and is an ensemble member of Jet City Improv. He recently started his own custom design/build furniture business, Sage Woodcraft. He has a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University and is perusing a degree in Marine Carpentry from Seattle Central’s Wood Construction Center. He designed the sets for Quiz Show and Unspeakable Horrors at Wing-It. With Interrobang, he has appeared in Interrobang Anonymous and its open-form shows.

Natasha Ransom

Natasha Ransom was a founding member of Interrobang?! Improv, and appeared with us in Interrobang Anonymous. At Wing-It, she has appeared in Adventure Playhouse, The Explorers Club, Goin’ Steady, Twisted Flicks, and Jet City Improv. Natasha graduated in Theatre Arts and Musical Theatre from Santa Clara University. Away from the stage, she loves to teach with Seattle Children’s Theatre and her own company, sound design, and stage manage. Check out what she’s doing next at:

Jim Reardon

Jim grew up in the Chicago area, and after moving to Seattle finally decided to figure out what improv was all about. Jim has performed with Wing-It Productions, appearing in Clues, The Explorers Club, and Quiz Show. Jim also co-founded the Ministry of Exuberance, where he directed their debut improv show From the Secret Files! He also performed with them in What Happened?, The Bitter Taste of Others’ Thoughts, and TGIF: The Goodsons Improvised Family — a 2011 Seattle Festival of Improv Theater selection. Additionally, he has performed with Being Humans, Cure Improv, Jet City Improv’s Performance Series, and Doug Willott’s 5 Thieves.

Bryan Sullivan

Bryan Sullivan hails from the Portland, Oregon area and received his BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Puget Sound. During his time at Puget Sound, Bryan collaborated on new works, produced sketch and improv comedy performances, guided student groups into community outreach, and spent a semester studying at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. He has been active in the theatre communities in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland working with different organizations including Wing-It Productions, GreenStage, and the Northwest Playwrights Alliance. His passions include acting, directing, and new play development with a special emphasis on teaching and education.

Shira Wilson

Shira Wilson is a founding member of Interrobang?! Improv and performed with them in Interrobang Anonymous and at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater. A Seattle resident of 5 years, she has been in the Wing-It Prouductions Post Script, Quiz Show, Inferno, The Explorers Club, and the sold-out remount of Clues. She is also a Jet City Improv ensemble member and half of the duo Pearl and Morty Save Your Marriage. She was a member of Comedy Sportz Spokane where she was also featured in productions of Cabaret, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Visit, and Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. Shira is currently residing in Chicago where she is studying improv and earning her BFA in musical theater at Columbia College, as well as planning many visits back to Seattle. She would like to thank Chris for his constant support and ability to withstand her frequently embarrassing behavior.